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for hair loss

VOGUEPEARL is the term we use for the method of installing a top closure, to your head, for full-time wear. The VOGUEPEARL technique marries the topper hair, to your natural hair, using silicone-line micro beads. This technique stays in the head for 4 month intervals, with required monthly maintenance, and the topper itself can be worn full-time for a total of 8-12 months.

If you would prefer to wear something full-time, which includes washing, styling & sleeping, then you will likely receive a topper with a VOGUEPARL installation!


Why Voguepearl
hair loss replacement?


Life Changing Results

We make a real difference in our clients lives by having the ability to give you back your confidence! Many clients with hair loss feel so defeated, having tried almost everything, and VP provides a real, full-time solution.


No Damage!

Our installation techniques do not use ANY adhesives, glues, solvents, tight braids, or thread! Proven over the last decade of successful wear, VOGUEPEARL strategically provides proper weight distribution so you can wear hair additions without compromising the integrity of your fragile hair + follicles.


Fast Install Time

A full VOGUEPEARL hair loss replacement system can be installed in under 1-2.5 hours.

It stays on your head for 4 months at one time with monthly maintena!



Each client is unique with their hair loss type, lifestyle, preferences & comfort levels. That's why our closures are strategically chosen to be versatile. Whether you want to create full-time wear installation, or decide to wear as a clip-in closures for a more part-time vibe, and even custom wig creations - one closure can do it all! Talk about value


4 Month Wear Duration

What other hair replacement technique do you know that stays in your head for 4 months?! With simplistic monthly maintenance, VP goes the distance for you to enjoy feeling as if this is your real hair.


Monthly Checkups

We know that each hair and follicle on your head is precious. That is why we are not the type of salon to provide an installation and then leave you to fend for yourself for months on end. Our 3-4 week maintenance appointments are designed to ensure you are seeing success, and make adjustments immediately to avoid long-term, issues.

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