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The Extensionist Consultancy Inc. was founded by Megan Ledarney, a small-town raised Albertan from Medicine Hat. She was diagnosed with a rare obsessive-compulsive disorder at the age of 12; called Trichotilomania, which is classified as an uncontrollable urge to pull out ones own hair. In the grips of this OCD for nearly 2 years, Megan had pulled out half of the hair on her head, but refused to shave the rest in the hopes that she would one day triumph over the disorder. Megan was later forced to drop out of high school at the age of 16 due to excessive bullying by her peers. Her disorder later subsided and Megan's hair was in the slow process of growing back. Then,  she discovered hair extensions.

Megan can only describe the way hair extensions made her feel, as "absolutely life changing". She gained the confidence to blossom into the woman that she is today. She felt first hand how hair extension changed her life and gave her the confidence to take on any challenge, and decided to dedicate her life to helping other women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin.

Living in a small city, Megan took her first hair extension course through WCH in Minneapolis and opened an in-home specialty hair extension studio which featured only one method. The small business began to boom and she realized that if she wanted to make a difference then she would have to move to the big city!

Since then, Megan has developed a unique hair extension installation technique named VOGUEPEARL, which has since become her most famous method of installation. This method has single handedly put The Extensionist at the top of the extension market in Canada, with clients coming from all over Canada and some part of Europe for this specialty no-damage method, designed for clients with sensitive hair types & traumas. 

In 2013 Megan travelled to Europe to become a Master Extension Trainor, learn Trichology / Hair Replacement studies. With her graduation came the very first Canadian to have credentials as a specialty hair extension trainer & hair replacement specialist. Over the next year, Megan would work hard to build her brand and spread the word out about her personally developed installation technique. She worked hard to save every penny she made.


Megan opened her first specialty extension studio & salon in Edmonton, 2014, and has since opened a location in Calgary Alberta, along with opening an academy called The Extensionist Academy, which also boasts another salon & extension studio in downtown Edmonton. With her strong vision, Megan plans to open locations all accross Canada and the United States, with a burning passion to bring specialized, no-damage methods to the forefront- to better serve our clients and our industry.

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