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Clip on topper

THE HAIR CROWN™ is a hand-made, clip-on top closure, made of 100% premium human hair, designed to give women fullness at the hairline and crown of the head. Completely temporary, you choose when to wear it and when to take it off. It's like clip in extensions, but for the top of the head!  Our collection is derived of 10 base colours which can be custom coloured, cut, and styled to fit your personal preferences, completely hand-crafted by our specialists at The Extensionist Salons in Edmonton, Calgary, and Kelowna!

Whats the first step in the process?

Simply booking a complimentary consultation at your preferred location, and speaking with our hair replacement specialists, who will colour match, show you The Hair Crown™, and discuss all finer

details to get you suited to your new crown!



You decide when to wear, at your own leisure, which is better for some lifestyles!


Since you aren't washing, heat styling & sleeping with this unite as often, it can last 2-5 years, which is the best value we offer!


Our HairCrown's are just as natural looking as our full-time wear solutions, so you can have natural looking fullness on demand!


Maybe you want to try wearing as a clip-in, then install the same topper full-time down the road? Each closure is designed so you can do both!



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