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Each of our specialty extension studio's offer a full-service colour bar fit for our QUEENS!
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(yup, that's you)! Known for fabulous colour transformations, our stylists offer complimentary colour consults WITH your extension consult. See all salon pricing below.

 Salon Services 

 Extension Services 

Colour Consultation

Come in and have a chat with us about your colour dreams & desires, and give us a great opportunity to create an action plan that works best for your specific hair & needs.

(Mandatory for any major colour changes).

*Senior stylists charge slightly higher prices as shown below*


Root Touch Up

Root Touch ups/grey coverage

90.00 (Regular) - 100.00 (Senior Stylist)

Single Process Colour

Single Deposit Colour Service

135+ (Regular) - 145+ (Senior Stylist)

Double Process Colour

For colours requiring 2 colour deposits, generaly requires wash and blow-dry in between.

$210$ (Normal) - 225$ (Senior Stylist)

Partial Foils

Generally great when requiring foils on top and around hairline while wearing VOGUEPEARL extensions or for natural mowhawk area.

215$ (Normal) - 240$ (Senior Stylist)

Full Foils

]Full Head of Foils includes toning service & blow-out!

*Pricing is dependant on density and length*

285.00 - 340.00 (Stylist Dependant)

Colour Correction

Correcting colour issues or doing major colour changes.

Pricing starts at 340.00 and is dependant on colour desired, current colour, density and length of hair.

150 - 175$ PER HOUR (Stylist Dependant)

Hair Painting- Balyage

Hair painting uses our new clay lightener, and our stylists have been trained via Dawn Bradley to paint the balyage onto the hair to perfectly match your specific hair type, face, and colour needs!

300.00+ (Stylist Dependant)

Weft Colouring 1-2 Packs

Price depends on how many extension packages need to be coloured to achieve the desired outcome.

One pack colouring = 170.00 (Normal) - 185.00 (Senior Stylist)

Two pack colouring = 270.00 (Normal) - 285.00 (Senior Stylist)

$170.00 - 285.00 (Stylist Dependant)

Blow-Out Service

Designed for the natural hair. Includes wash, treatment, blow-dry and style!

$50.00 - 72.50 (Stylist Dependant)

Toning / Gloss Service

Great if your natural hair needs a tone (blondes/reds/plums), or a gloss service! This service is stylist recommendation only.


Women's Haircut (Natural Hair)

Designed for the natural hair. Includes wash, treatment, haircut of your choosing, blow-dry and style!

$65.00 - 75.00 (Stylist Dependant)

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Extension Consultation

All consultations are complimentary, as well as mandatory, to create the perfect action plan for your hair dreams!


Touch Up Service

Our VOGUEPEARL™ technique requires monthly (4 week) maintenance appointments. You are required to pay a touch up fee on each monthly visit.

Pricing is the same for extensions and hair replacement services.


Bring Your Own Hair!

Have your own wefted hair you'd like to use? We will install our VOGUEPEARL™ technique using your own hair!

Package includes: installation,  Hair Bible™, cut/blend, and complimentary un-installation!

One pack = 325.00

Two packs = 365.00

325.00 - 365.00

Peek-A-Boo Packages!

Need just a little more fullness, but you don't require more length? Our peek-a-boo package is perfect for you! Using our premium Diamond Series hair line, we will provide you 1 or 2 rows of either 16'' or 20'' hair extensions!

Perfect for women who do not require a full package!

205$ - 385$


Our VOGUEPEARL™ technique stays in the head for up to 7 months at one time (Diamond Series hair line only). Generally, our DS hair line can be worn for 2 installations! After 7 months, you can choose to come in for a re-installation, which is where we remove the extensions, and give you a fresh new install using new beads, and a new area of your head!

Re-Install without wash = 325.00

Re-Install with wash = 375.00

*Does not include new hair*

325.00 - 375.00

Extension Trim / Cut

Ends feeling a tad frayed? Dry? Damaged? Come in for an extension trim!

This service is a dry service and does not require a wash.


Weft Colouring 1-2 Packs

Price depends on how many extension packages need to be coloured to achieve the desired outcome.

$170.00 +

Extension Blow-Out Service

Come in for a wash & style! Designed for clients who are already wearing extensions!

Natural hair: 50.00

Hair with Extensions: 67.50

Senior Stylist: 72.50

50.00 +

The Hair Crown™

THE HAIR CROWN™ is a hand-made, clip-on top closure, made of 100% premium human hair, designed to give women fullness at the hairline and crown of the head. Completely temporary, you choose when to wear it and when to take it off!


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All pricing is subject to change without notice, and may fluctuate depending on certain circumstances. All pricing is current as of August 2018