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✨Colour Safe
✨7 month wear duration
✨Completely Hidden Both Up & Down!
✨NO: Chemicals, Adhesives, Braids, Thread, Damage!
✨Designed for ALL hair types, including fine, low density hair!

At The Extensionist, we are exclusive to only one single hair extension technique that has gained us national exposure in the salon/styling industry. A technique developed by award-winning business woman, Trichologist, educator & stylist;  Megan Lund.





1. the prevailing fashion or style. Popular & fashionable

"her hair is so vogue after she left The Extensionist!"

synonyms: fashion, trend, passion.






1.Perlé is a french noun, meaning "bead" in English.

"Silicone lined pearlbeads wrapped around her hair flawlessly to create a no-damage, long lasting extension installation, created by The Extensionist"



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VOGUEPEARL™ is completely hidden from the naked eye both up and down, and flush to the scalp. Gone are the days where beads are visible! VOGUEPERL™ enables a completely seamless application for our clients, whilst still allowing for proper weight distribution to eliminate damage!

Completely Undetectable

VOGUEPEARL™ can be worn on the scalp for 4-7 months at one time with "touch ups" once every 4 weeks, which enables us to check in on you & your hair to ensure everything is fine. Your touch ups take 10 minutes and resets your extensions, almost as if they are new again! It is because of this that our method is worn safely for 4-7 months. Some of our clients have been known to get 9 months of full-time wear from one installation! 

Longer lasting than the rest!

VOGUEPEARL™ is properly suited for you as an individual, and can be personalized for your hair type and lifestyle. It does not contain any harsh bonds or fusions; therefor, will not damage your natural hair! VOGUEPEARL™ is especially great for women who have very thin, fine & brittle hair, or for those who have experienced hair loss. No other method on our market does the job quite the same.  

Completely Non-Damaging

Most methods that involve harsh adhesives suggest using specific shampoos, mild products, and being carefull of certain activities. Since VOGUEPEARL™ does not use any adhesives, there is no product which will act as a solvent for your method. Thus, you do not need to worry about the products or lifestyle choices you are making while wearing our method. It is simplistic & easy to enjoy, as well as easy to manage.

VOGUEPEARL™ does not use any braiding, nor does it involve the extra step of using threading to attach our wefts to our pearlbeads. Thus, our technique lies completely flat on the scalp, and can be put in a ponytail seamlessly!

Seamless & Easy

Since it's inception in 2010, with steadily growing locations all over Canada- VOGUEPEARL™ has become Western Canada's #1 installed, talked about, and attemptedly replicated technique. Installed on over 6000 clients in 2015 alone, which has grown to 10,000 installs per annum in 2022- VP™ is known for holding true to it's no-damage guarantee, and has since gained a spot as Canada's trusted, and favourite technique. The hype is real, because it works for ALL hair types!

Tried, Tested & True

Watch the VP™ Commercial!

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