We are very excited to once again pioneer the hair game, by offering you payment plans! We understand that times are tougher now more than ever, but you still want to feel beautiful and confident. Having the ability to pay monthly instalments, makes this goal easier to achieve, and we are here to help! 

If you are interested in our payment plan options, you must first have your consultation appointment booked in our schedule. You can book conveniently online (see below), or via email or phone (please note that we have some response delays at this time).

Once you have your consultation appointment booked, click the link below to be added to our payment plan list. You will be contacted by a staff member who will explain the process, and send you your pre-approval link. Please be aware that covid has slightly delayed our processing times.

On the day of your consultation, we will discuss all of your transformation details and provide you with an exact quote. At this time, we will submit your quote, and your payment is complete! You will be asked to provide your ID for verification, along with your banking details for ease of automatic payments.

The Extensionist will not store or have access to any of your personal information.

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