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extension technique


Fast Install Time

VOGUEPEARL provides the fastest installation times on the market, with each row installing in 15 minutes or less! Maximize your time and profits whilst minimizing lengthy visits for your clients!


No Damage!

Proven over the last decade of successful wear, VOGUEPEARL strategically provides proper weight distribution so your clients can wear extensions for YEARS without breaks, and experience amazing hair growth!


No glues, braids or thread!

VOGUEPEARL keeps things simple. So simple, in fact, that we have eliminated all adhesives, braids, and thread. This allows for a clean, fast, easy to manage install.

VOGUEPEARL lies completely flat along the weft of your choosing. It does not create excess bulk or discomfort for your client!


Seamlessness & Comfort


7 Month Wear Duration

What other technique do you know that stays in your clients head for 7 months?! With simplistic monthly maintenance, VP goes the distance for your clients whilst providing amazing upselling capabilities for you as an artist.


Versatility Above All Else

Wether you're using machine tied wefts, hand tied wefts, or genius wefts- VOGUEPEARL is a versatile technique that can be applied to any weft type. It is also safe to apply colour on!

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