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This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company.



You read more about the history of our company involving Megan's past experiences with Trichotillomania, but what else do we know about Megan?

Megan lives, breathes and eats hair extensions (not literally)!

She now owns 3 successful hair extension based businesses, and spends most of her spare time finding ways to improve each of them.

Megan absolutely adores all of Team Extensionist and strives to create a family-like atmosphere within her company. Megan believes in positive reinforcement, and treats everyone she meets with respect and kindness. You should expect a hug when first meeting Megan!

Megan is super hilarious, and if you have ever sat in her chair, you would have whitnessed many jokes, laughs and impressions of famous actors. 

Speaking of actors, Megan loves acting, singing and "show business", and follows the creative workings of her favourite artists, as well as attends every new movie out in theatres. She loves the art behind acting and singing, and always jokes that if she wasn't helping women through hair, she would be a starving singer/actress. 



Meet Tamara!

Tamara is The Extensionist's most unique family member. She speaks to the hundreds of clients who call to book any appointment with The Extensionist every day. Yes, Tamara is our valued, hard working salon manager & cordinator. The glue that holds us together, you could say! Not only that, Tamara also ensures your hair is ordered, and keeps our staff in check ;)

Say hello to Tamara when you call The Extensionist on Whyte, as she is amazing at her job! It is not easy to accomodate so many women, and she does it with grace, and extreme professional ease. Always positive and upbeat, Tamara is a kind woman who shares our passion for helping women.

Tamara has a background in the distribution & sales side of the beauty industry, and can accomodate any of your product knowleage needs. 



Meet Lisa!


Lisa is our wee Irish lass who first researched The Extensionist when she was still living across the pond! She came to us first as a client, in love with our vision for non-damaging hair extensions that she could wear for months with comfort and durability. When we told her we were opening up our own studio, she HAD to be a part of it! She started in reception when our salon first opened, and through dedication, passion, loyalty & hard work, Lisa now finds herself managing our Extensionists, as well as being an active extensionist, hair loss specialist & instructor for The Extensionist Academy! 


Lisa is also a certified stylist from back in Ireland, and you'll find her in her glory when she is doing (extensions of course, but) up-styles! She loves a good up-style! Hopefully you will experience one when she gives her world renound blow-out service as well.




Meet Amber!


Where to begin. Amber has been working alongside Megan & The Extensionist since 2013. Amber is finally back behind the chair once more, and spends her days at our Whyte Ave consultancy, providing colours & VOGUEPEARL extensions for our beautiful clients!

Amber has been a licensed hair stylist since 2009, and has won many awards for her work with colour services.

While in Amber's chair, you'll see how passionate, honest and truly helpful Amber is. Her talent is limitless, and her personality is unlike any other. 

We <3 Amber, and we know you will too!




Meet Shakera!


Shakera who is our Barbadian beauty from Bardbados, moved to Edmonton to attend hair school at Eveline Charles back in 2012. Shakera has an insatiable passion for all things extensions & hair replacement, as well as precision colours & cuts. She loves working with all hair types and is a master stylist with any and all hair types, traumas - you name it, she has perfected it. In Shakera's spare time, she is constantly taking additional beauty courses and practising new techniques on mannequins. Shakera is one of a kind because she moved here to become a master of the extension art, and well, she has absolutely proved that she is a master extensionist.


While in her chair, you'll hear all about her daughter & equestrian jockey husband who is just as talented and amazing as Shakera.

We are very lucky to have Shakera at #TeamExtensionist, and we also feel very lucky that you'll experience her talents too.





Meet Pamela!


Pamela is a Red Seal Hairstylist who graduated from EC Academy, and had been working as a senior stylist at EC Salons over the last 8 years & entirety of her career. Pamela finds herself at our specialty extension studio because she believes in our vision for helping others through hair. 

Pamela is in her absolute glory when she is precision colouring and cutting of course, but she also both enjoys and excels at colour corrections, balyage & hair painting. 

"I love that beauty is always changing and evolving. I really respect that clients come to us for those changes and am always researching the latest trends and trying to find a way to make it applicable to my clients and their style!"


At work, you are most likely to learn about Pamela's amazing husband and 2 cute lil' pups!

Megan Ledarney
Tamara Granger
Lisa Gillen
Amber Harper
Shakera Yearwood
Pamela Adam

Meet Leslie!


Not only is Leslie an amazing VOGUEPEARL artist who has been working with extensions & wig making for nearly six years, she is actually Megan's bestie AND the reason why Megan was introduced to the world of extensions way back when, while the two were still living in their hometown of Medicine Hat!


 We are all so excited to have finally convinced Leslie to move to Edmonton and join our family, and we are so confident that you will love Leslie! 


Leslie is our exclusive Hair Replacement Specialist & Manager at our Jasper Avenue location! In her chair, you are likely to hear about her two boys, and her love for fixing her truck. She loves her boys and her truck!



Leslie Boss

Meet Taylyn!


Taylyn is the woman you meet normally on your first touch up appointment, as she is our exclusive touch up, maintenance & blow-out extaordinaire!

Taylyn came to us after working at a blowdry bar, which is how she claimed her talent in perfect blow-outs. She is very fun, bubbly and up-beat, and you can catch her singing and sometimes even dancing when a good song comes on! Taylyn is our only apprentice at The Extensionist, and she has gained loyalty and trust in this industry by being a talented, hard working & positive family member.


In her spare time, you'll find Taylyn actively supporting the LGBT comminuty through volunteer gestures, as she believes in equal rights for all.



Taylyn Edgerton

Meet Karli!


Karli is a precision colourist and VOGUEPEARL artist at our Jasper Ave Consultancy, and you will see her in her glory when she is creating colourful masterpieces for her clients! A talented artist, Karli has been in the industry for 6 years, and graduated from the prestigeous EvelineCharles Academy.

Karli Lawson
Michelle O'Rourke

Meet Michelle!


Michelle moved to Alberta from the kooteneys after graduating highschool. Since then, Michelle has had such a fire for life that she has sought to become multi faceted in her career choices. Michelle has worked as a professional model under NUMA agency, as well as become a talented MUA.

Michelle has a background in sales and also admissions, which makes her the best woman possible to take on a multi-faceted role at our Jasper Ave location as Salon Coordinator, Distribution Manager, as well as Academy Admissions Advisor!

When calling the Jasper Ave location, you will be speaking with this beautiful, talented young artist, so give her a big HELLO!


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