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Animal Sanctuaries

November 1 2017 - May 1 2018

Starting on November 1, 2017, The Extensionist Salons have made a commitment to support local organizations in an effort to give back to communities, people, animals, and idea's that require attention, support, and resources.

We will be supporting different organizations by offering 1.00 per transaction of full hair extension installation transactions, on a 6 month rotation, and each organization will be chosen per city we have a location (Edmonton, Calgary & Kelowna). Donations will be delivered at the end of each month, and we will be providing YTD donation amounts on this page. 



Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement (FARRM) is an animal sanctuary near Wetaskiwin, AB with facilities for surrendered and abused farm animals.  FARRM offers care and space for societies most vulnerable animals, as well as an adoptions centre open for people to visit who may be interested in providing a compassionate home.


We live according to the values affirmed in a vegan lifestyle and encourage others to do the same.  


We love and care for all animals equally and pride ourselves on being non-discriminatory.

Visit their website:


Last Donation: Jan 13

YTD AMOUNT: 108.00

Last Donation: Jan 13



The Alice Sanctuary provides care and healing for rescued, surrendered and abandoned farm animals. Drawing from the resiliency and life-affirming presence of the animals who live here, the goal of The Alice Sanctuary is to empower, encourage, and inspire visitors to find the tools they need to go out and make a positive change in the world around them.

Our hope is that every person who experiences the Alice Sanctuary will come away with a new awareness, a new sense of empowerment and hope for themselves, and a new level of compassion.

Visit their website:

YTD AMOUNT: 108.00

Last Donation: Jan 13



The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary provides a forever home for all types of animals. They will live out their entire lives in a beautiful natural setting treated with kindness and respect.

It all started with Desi Moo Moo our first calf. When he was just 2 weeks old we welcomed our pink pig Lucy, a tiny piglet and the two immediately bonded and became life long friends. As Desi got bigger they both joined Baby the donkey and her best friend Betty Big Nose, grazing in a huge field. One year later we got two male calves, Scooter and Sparky, and we officially announced our home The Happy Herd in 2014!

Visit their website:


Last Donation: Jan 13

Have an organization you'd like us to support? We want to hear from you!

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